96% fail? This Is Shocking And Unacceptable!

If you've been a student of personal development for any amount of time, you've seen how it works. Feel good, rah rah, promise after promise yet, nothing changes in your life!

96% of people fail in an industry that exists to help create success! I don't know how ANYONE can think this is acceptable. The industry has failed you. It's failed us all. And it's time to change that. 

That's where PowerLife differs. You'll see real life tangible results in as little as two weeks with these simple, powerful principles and processes battle field tested in real for over 30 years!

The Power Manifesting Method

Don't Just Get "Unstuck"! Create So Much Momentum You Become Unstoppable!

You want more from life. Rightfully so. Every day millions of people strive to create a better quality of life.

And every day, millions of people fail.

A recent survey found an astounding an completely unacceptable statistic.

96% of peoples efforts to improve their quality of life... FAIL!

96%! Everyone knows it but no one is talking about it. 

For an industry that exists to help create more success in people's lives, that's completely unacceptable. 

Just based on the statistics and odds, you're one that has failed. Not for lack of desire, effort, or trying but for one very simple reason...

As much as I hate to admit it, the system is rigged to make you fail. 

Look at how confusing and conflicting all of the advice is:

"There is no try. There is only do or do not." - "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!"

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different result" - "Practice
makes perfect"

"The fastest way to success is to model someone else" - "The only way to truly be successful is to be your
authentic self"

"In order to be successful you must always be open and learning and teachable" - "You have all you need
within you now"

"Success comes from working hard, hustle, and grind" - "Success comes from effortless flow"

OMG! It's enough to make your ears bleed!

Then they go into all kinds of crazy philosophies about things that do nothing but contradict reality by trying to destroy your reality and identity.

There's a term for that. It's called gas-lighting and it's a manipulation tactic used by most of the "Gary Gurus" out there. (No offense to anyone who happens to be named Gary)

And my all time least favorite... "Thank you universe more please"

Really? What does that even mean? That something other than yourself has control and power of your life?

In the first few days you're going to be BEGGING "the universe" to STOP sending you stuff! It'll be more than you can possibly handle (a great problem to have).

All that matters is you know what you want that it matters to you!

What are your dreams? What do you want more of in your life?

Authors - We've created multiple authors.

Musicians - We've helped people get into professional recording studios, get their music on Spotify, and production of professional music videos.

Artists - Artists have sold their art and even have been featured in private galleries

Coaches - We've helped people become life coaches and get paying clients.

Freelancers - We've helped people leave jobs that sucked their soul from them and work for themselves.

Open retail shops - Multiple people have started brick and mortar businesses.

Huge job promotions - From upgrading to management positions to fulfilling a lifetime dream of becoming a head track coach.

Start, Grow and Expand businesses - We've helped people start profitable businesses, grow their current businesses, and double, triple and quadruple their revenue! Some to $80K a month!

Buy new houses - We've helped people upgrade to the perfect homes for them from first time home buyers finally become homeowners.

  • Start successful podcasts.
  • Make movies and music videos.
  • Lose weight and get more energy.
  • Reconcile families.

PowerLife has freed thousands of people from the suffocating idea that they can’t do the things they love in life by providing evidence that they can in the form of tangible results.

We've helped create deep, meaningful connection and life long friendships.

Freed People From Crippling Addictions.

We've cultivated global support networks where local PowerLifers meet up regularly to support each others dreams.

We've helped people mend relationships, and find love. Even marriages.

We've helped people create way more adventure in their life.

  • Confidence skyrockets.
  • Skills expand.
  • Results are inevitable.

Many people are forced to place a disclaimer saying, "Results Not Typical".

We are not because results are not just possible but expected!

Because we focus on results.

We focus on results because results are what transform your life.

You know all that pain you've been trying to find relief from?

  • Feeling no purpose?
  • No drive, lost, confused, like there's more inside of you but it's just out of your reach?
  • Not being able to give the ones you love the things you want to give them?
  • Feeling like a failure?
  • And losing all hope to the point of being inches away from defeat?

Feeling Like That SUCKS!

But... it's impossible to be burdened by it, slowed down, sabotaged, or weighed down by it when you're living from your power. Living a PowerLife.

The Principles are simple. The processes are powerful. The support is unparalleled.

And all of it has been proven in real life for over 3 decades.

Just ask anyone who is or has been an active student of The PowerLife Principles. We encourage you to!

You'll hear the same thing every time. 

Their lives are SO MUCH BETTER now!

You think you're any different? I guess we all kind of do in a way. 

We think our challenges are exclusive to us. 

But here's a little nugget of gold that will change your life. 

We all work exactly the same. Yes, our experiences are very different but the processes that create those experiences is exactly the same for all of us, including you.

The only difference between you and the people who are living rich, full lives is they made a decisions. 

They took a chance on themselves. 

It's your time when you decide it is.

No one is gonna decide it for you. You have to make a decision.

You know what else is out there already. And you know that 96% of it doesn't work to create results like we create in PowerLife.

So you can go back, sit through the best of the worst or...

You can accept the invitation to finally not just change your life, but transform it into the life you've had in your head and heart for years but that's always been just out of your grasp.

Because it's no longer out of reach when you make the decision to become part of the PowerLife family.

When you join today, you'll have taken the first and most important action to living in your dreams versus just letting your dreams die inside of you. 

We're gonna give you:

  • Clarity
  • Direction
  • Resources 
  • Focus
  • Empowerment
  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Momentum
  • Tangible and Measurable Results
  • Support
  • Community

More of what you want into your life starting from day one!

Get started with The PowerLife ManifestingMethod today. It's fun, simple, high energy, active, and transformational. 


The investment is far far below industry standards of thousands of dollars while the results far far exceed the industries best. 

Get started today. Click below and prepare for an entirely new experience in personal development. 

The way it is supposed to be. Not where 96% fail but where 99% of people succeed in ways greater than they ever thought possible for them!


Let's Go !

What Others Are Saying

I was getting real, tangible results in week one

"Before the Power Life Challenge I had almost no idea what I wanted, let alone how to get it. I just knew i wanted things to be "better". In the first week working with Mike he helped me gain clarity on what I wanted, take steps toward getting it, and have my desires show up in my life. I was getting real, tangible results in week one. I would advocate to anyone who does not have everything they want to join the challenge and let Mike help you transform your life too.

Brett Anderson

People started approaching me about my business, I am a lot more energetic, physically strong

"For a while I had a dream of creating my business, but life got in the way. I work a lot and barely have a moment to myself.
The Power Life Highest Energy Win challenge cleared my perspective.
It helped me find what is it that I really want (it turned out it’s not a business but having one will create that which I want).
I discovered time can be made even when you work a lot. It helped me clear my own boundaries.
People started approaching me about my business, I am a lot more energetic, physically strong and on track with my goal.
The support I received through the challenge from Mike and the other challengers is priceless. If you want to achieve anything in your life, this challenge is a great place to start the motion".

~ Orit Adiri

The value I received was priceless

Powerful, life changing, and genuine!  I found it so refreshing to experience the “in the moment, no bullshit” approach of Mike Kemski’s teaching and inspiring guidance.  Mike’s participation and support reflected his authentic desire to be in service to all, at whatever level they began or continued at.  The value I received was priceless.  Courses like this are rare and I feel most fortunate to have found it at just the right time in my life to get me to and through what lies ahead for me; it was not only life changing, it was lifesaving.

Sincere gratitude to Mike and his support team.

~ Henrietta Butler 

I've gotten more accomplished in my personal life during this challenge than I had in the previous decade.

Mike Kemski taught me in two weeks time that my personal energy is my responsibility. If I don't like what I'm thinking or feeling, PowerLife Systems frees my mind to consider new thoughts, ideas and possibilities...and resources. I've gotten more accomplished in my personal life during this challenge than I had in the previous decade. That's all the proof I need to keep using the Principles.

It can't be said enough: this is simple. It's not easy. But learning that I control my energy has opened up possibilities where I hadn't seem them before. Same resources, new ideas.

I recommend this Challenge to anyone who is feeling stuck in old ways and thought patterns. It's powerful and it works...and it's only the beginning.

Thank you, Mike Kemski. Love you, man.

~ Mike Terrel

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